Business Process Management

Saving your business time and money.

How can we improve efficiency within your business?

I consult with business owners to identify areas in their business that are causing problems that they may not be able to see or don’t have the time to look for.

The service I offer means that not only will I work with you, in your business, to recommend and assist with the implementation of more efficient processes, but I will also give you the tools and techniques required to ensure this becomes a fundamental part of your organisations continuous improvement plan.

A fundamental part of my analysis will be to identify your key business objectives. This will enable me to design and/or enhance processes and procedures that enable you to reach these objectives and implement the right solutions for your organisation.

What is business process management?

Business Process Management is a variety of tools and techniques used to support and manage the design, implementation and improvement of operational procedures within an organisation. These operational procedures are a set or sequence of activities that must be completed to reach a goal.

Over a 6 month period I will assist you and your team in implementing new or improved procedures, whilst adopting a formal approach to managing this change with your team.


What are the benefits of business process management?

Some of the benefits of business process management are:

Increased Employee Satisfaction – No confusion, keeping things simple
Increased Customer Satisfaction – Meeting customer needs and expectations
Increased Productivity – Operating at your most productive level
Increased Quality & Consistency – Process standardisation, reducing variability/unpredictability
Decreased Costs – Automate processes, decrease human error, saving time & money

Although I use similar tools and techniques with all my clients, I am very aware that every business is different and therefore this is not a “one size fits all service”. I pride myself on being able to assess and review the needs of each business individually and make recommendations, not only based on my findings, but that will also align with your companies key objectives and goals.